Dolphin and Whale Watching in Madeira

One of the most popular Madeira activities

Dolphin and Whale Watching trips are one of the most popular activities to do in a visit to Madeira Island, any time of the year, as it grants you a close encounter with some cetaceans and even the chance to swim with dolphins.

There are 28 species of cetaceans that inhabit or visit these waters. A Dolphin and Whale Watching trip take you next to then, on the southern coast of the island. You even might have the chance to swim with dolphins!
These trips can be done in a catamaran or in smaller semi-rigid fast boats. There are several trips a day, and they take about 2:30hours to 3 hours long.
A boat ride to Dolphin and Whale Watching is almost required in a visit to Madeira Island.
During the boat ride, it is very common to find:
  • The common Dolphin (Delphinus delphis)
  • The spotted Dolphin (Stenella frontalis)
  • The Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops truincatu)
  • The Sperm whale (Physeter macrocephalus)
  • The Short-finned Pilot Whale (Globicephala macrorhynchus)
  • The Bryde’s Whale (Balaenoptera edeni)
  • Among the turtle family, the Loggerhead Turtle (Caretta caretta) is the most common.
Come swim with the friendly dolphins and make your trip a truly unforgettable experience!

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The best trips for dolphin and whale watching:

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