The archipelago is located in the North Atlantic, part of Portugal, and is about 980 kms away from Lisbon and about 700 km from the African coast.

Getting To Madeira? Madeira is accessible by sea or air, which is the one with the highest expression.
Its location is readily accessible from most European capitals and is at 1h30 from Lisbon, 3h00 from London and 4h30  from Berlin.
The main entrance door is the Madeira International Airport, with flights from many international airports.
On the island of Porto Santo there is also an airport that receives mainly flights from Madeira but also many direct flights, mainly from Northern Europe.
On the official site of the ANA – Airports of Portugal, you can consult the schedules.
By sea, the main entrance is done in the Port of Funchal, which is one of the largest ports of cruise ships of Portugal.
Due to its location, the port of Funchal is part of the cruise circuits between Madeira, the Canaries and North Africa, and the Western Mediterranean. The port of Funchal is also important in transoceanic travel between USA and Europe.