Jeep safari tours in Madeira are a great way to discover the dramatic mountain landscapes of the island.

Jeep safari tour is, without a doubt a unique, exciting and memorable motorized experience, that takes you to some deserted, out-of-the-way spots, from the sea level and ancient roads to the high cliffs and mountains, in the middle of a dense forest.

There are several tours, that can take you to almost every corner of the island, both in half day and full day tours, that will take you into the Laurissilva forest, to the famous levadas, and to the island highest peaks.

These tours takes you to inaccessible places by other means, from where you´ll enjoy panoramic and great views, during the course of the beaten tracks

Also, you can rent some buggies and drive for yourself on dirt roads, for maximum excitement.
These are experiences that will forever remain in the memory of all those who set out for adventure!
Attention: It is recommended to book your tour in advance, to ensure the availability at the desired dates. It is often this tours got sold out.