Some facts about Madeira Weather

Air temperature
The average temperature on the island of Madeira is higher on the south coast of the island than on the north coast. The average annual temperature in Funchal is 18.8ºC and in Santana 15.2ºC.
Throughout the year, the variation is small, being that in August it reaches 22.2ºC and in winter 15.9ºC.

Sea water temperature
Throughout the year, the temperature varies between 17ºC (March) and 22ºC (August). The temperature rarely rises from 25 ° C and drops below 15 ° C.

Precipitation values range from 553 mm in the funchal to 3084 in Pico do Arieiro (the second highest peak on the island).
On the north coast, the values are usually higher than those on the south coast. The rainiest months are October to March.

The months where there is greater cloudiness are between October and March.