Porto Moniz is a municipality on the island of Madeira, full of activities and attractions for tourism.

Located in the north coast of the island of Madeira, the municipality of Porto Moniz has about 3000 inhabitants spread over a geographical area of ​​80.40 km².
Porto Moniz just got connected to the rest of the island after the 2nd World War, when it was built the emblematic road between Porto Moniz to the neighboring municipality of São Vicente. This road was literally carved into the mountain, and is occasionally crossed by waterfalls falling in the sea. This is considered one of the most beautiful roads in Madeira. For security reasons, due to falling stones, today there are tunnels that shorten the distance but still allow the passage in the most emblematic places of the road.

Besides Porto Moniz, the parishes that make up this town are Achadas da Cruz, Ribeira da Janela and Seixal.

Parish of Porto Moniz

Porto Moniz owes its name to Francisco Moniz, married to a granddaughter of Gonçalves Zarco, who gave name to the port and later, this was extended to land near the port location.
The natural pools are one of the symbols of the county, which is a major tourist attraction. This bathing complex consists of pools formed from volcanic rocks with very singular forms, where the sea enters naturally, always providing fresh and clear waters.
In the upper zone, Santa, is held every year the traditional Feira do Gado ( Fair Livestock), with a proper venue for the event, where they make several presentations on products and materials related to agriculture, as well as various cultural and recreational activities.
To visit in Porto Moniz:
Alive Science Center
Madeira Aquarium
Porto Moniz´s Natural Pools
Porto Moniz´Harbour
Porto Moniz´s Promenade
Picnic Park of Feira do Gado
Picnic Park of Lamaceiros

Parish of Achadas da Cruz

The parish of Achadas da Cruz is located in the extreme northwest of the island of Madeira, and it´s the farest from the center of Porto Moniz. The settlement of Achadas da Cruz was very slow due to its altitude. Today, it is estimated that this parish has about 220 inhabitants.
By visiting this town, you can make a nice trip on the cable car of Achadas da Cruz, a comfortable and safe means of transport that connects the village to the sea. This trip provides magnificent views of the green mantle of Porto Moniz and towering back to the Atlantic Ocean.
To visit in Achadas da Cruz, Porto Moniz:
– Achadas da Cruz Sea Promenade
Achadas da Cruz Viewpoint
Achadas da Cruz Cable Car

Parish of Ribeira da Janela

The parish has its center at 575 meters above sea level, after a curvy drive on the regional road from the center of Porto Moniz. It is in this parish that is the only campsite of Madeira (there is another campsite at Porto Santo), with modern facilities, near the end of the river with the same name.
The name derives from the stream (Ribeira ) that has the end near the town, which is also the longest of the island of Madeira, and a set of islets, which has similarities with a window (Janela).
To visit in Ribeira da Janela, Porto Moniz:
– Eira da Achada Viewpoint
– Campsite



The Seixal is located by the sea, between the village of Ribeira da Janela and the village of São Vicente.
It is bounded by the ocean to the north and south has the mountains, where is a beautiful place called Chão da Ribeira . This parish is very abundant in water, and the proof are the various existing waterfalls in Seixal. The most famous is the Véu da Noiva (bride’s veil), wich is also part of the image of Porto Moniz. This springs from the mountain to a considerable height falling into the sea, and is perhaps one of the best known of the island. As Seixal, a city on the continent, the origin of its name is the same: came to the abundance of existing derivative pebbles on the beaches of Porto Moniz and the North Coast.
To visit in Seixal, Porto Moniz:
– Bride’s Veil
– Praia da Laje
Chão da Ribeira
Seixal Naval Club
Seixal´s  harbour

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