The municipality of São Vicente has an area of 78,70km in Madeira north coast and has a population of about 6000 people.

São Vicente is a region where nature dominates, with the green of the laurel forest and the blue of the seas,
The tertiary activity (services and tourism) and the primary activity (agriculture) are the pillars of the economic life of the county.
São Vicente consists of the parishes of Boaventura, Ponta Delgada and São Vicente. The neighbors municipalities are Porto Moniz and Santana

Parish of São Vicente

The parish of São Vicente is the county seat, the main town of the county, and where the main services and trade.

To visit:
São Vicente Caves
Madeira Indigenous plants Garden
Lime route Museological Center
São Vicente Parish Church
Recreation area of Chão dos Louros

Boaventura parish

The parish of Boaventura lies embedded in a valley, in perfect harmony with the nature around.
The main activity is agriculture and small trade.

To visit:
– Church of Fajã do Penedo
– Sao Cristovão Viewpoint

Parish of Ponta Delgada

The parish of Ponta Delgada is located on a stretch of land by the sea, between the town of San Vicente and Boaventura. It became a parish in 1552.
The main activity is agriculture and small trade.

To visit:
– Bathing complex of Ponta Delgada
– Church of Ponta Delgada