If you only are passing by Madeira for one day, there´s still a lot you can see, if you manage to plan your trip well.

Luckily, we´ve got you covered in this.
To make the most of a one day in Madeira, we suggest the following route:

Start in the Funchal Center on foot.
Walk on Avenida Arriaga, and visit the Funchal Cathedral.
Nearby, you can also visit the Sacred Art Musem.
After that keep walking east, towards Farmers Market and Zona Velha. Enjoy the relaxed ambiente of this area, lunch and rest a litle (but not much, cause there´s a lot yet to be seen),
and then hop on in the Monte Cable Car, where you can have a panoramic view over Funchal going up to Monte. In Monte, take the cable car in Babosas, towards Madeira Botanical Garden, where you can enjoy a wide diversity of plants and flowers.
Take the cable car back to Monte, and head to the Nossa Senhora do Monte Church, and wander along the Monte Palace Tropical Garden.
Next, right next to the church, start you exciting journey in the Monte Sledge Cars, and head downtown.
For the rest of the day, wander in the downtown streets, visit the Santa Catarina Park, and if possible, head to the Hotel área and walk in the Lido Promenade.

In this área, you can find a lot of restaurants, for a nice meal.

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